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Authoritax started on a Macbook in 2010.

I knew I wanted to serve others, but how? 

At that moment, when I asked that question - I noticed an announcement for volunteers to help the community with their taxes.

Listening to my heart, I decided to join the VITA/TCE program run by the IRS.
I passed all the difficult tax law testing and became an IRS-certified tax volunteer.

It was a busy tax season with many locals coming in to have their taxes done.

Serving the community, is what drove me to continue in my knowledge of the tax coded. It was a very successful volunteer tax season as well.

In their first season, my VITA site served over 150 taxpayers!

$65,000 worth of tax refunds went back into the community.

VITA Volunteers

- Our First Tax Season - 

One man cried tears of joy, as he now had enough money to travel to his sickly parents who hadn't seen him in over 15 years.

I was a VITA volunteer for over four years, wearing the tax preparer, quality reviewer, trainer, and even site coordinator hat at any given time.

Dean Ferraro Doing A Quality Review Of A Tax Return

- That’s Me Assisting With a Quality Review -

One day during tax season, a client who made too much money to qualify for assistance from VITA/TCE came in looking for me.

"You've done my taxes for two years and helped me so much, why can't you help me this year?" asked the confused client.

“Sorry sir, but IRS regulation only allows us to help those under the income limit. You made too much last year to qualify,” I replied.

"OK you know what, can I just pay you to help me again this year?" asked my FIRST client!

After being asked into business, it was time to get serious....

So I decided to take the IRS' Enrolled Agent test covering all aspects of the Federal Tax Code (sounds fun, right?).

After acing the difficult IRS tax code tests, I became an Enrolled Agent and have been helping taxpayers as a professional ever since.

"Enrolled Agents are granted unrestricted rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, demonstrate special competence in tax matters and are required to stay current with tax law and regulations by completing a minimum amount of continuing education annually.” 
from my IRS Enrolled Agent Diploma.

Since then I have been blessed to have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Reuters, on radio and I even teach tax law at the IRS.

My company Authoritax has successfully helped many taxpayers with tax issues and can help you, too.

If you'd like to experience the difference born out of volunteer service, try Authoritax for your tax needs this year.

I can prepare tax returns, help with IRS and State tax issues and assist you with tax planning.

Need help with a tax matter?

Click here to get a hold of Dean Ferraro, EA your tax professional at Authoritax

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"Dean is efficient and so easy to work with. I love that I can gather my papers, send them over to him and feel confident that everything will be handled with the utmost care. Dean himself is a pleasure to work with and always has a few tips on how to maximize your return, either right away or for the next year. I've had many experiences over the years having my taxes done by various individuals, but never had an agent who actually took the time to get to know my family. Can not recommend enough."

Sabra G. - 10 out of 10 - from Freshbooks

"For the absolute thorough and complete information provided. Dean, I cant thank you enough for all of your help! We will be seeing you again! Thanks!!!"

Natasha P.

"Friendly, honest, knowledgeable, and efficient."

F. & R. G.

"Excellent work, attention to detail. Fantastic customer service."

Michael W. 

"My first impression with Dean was very welcoming and trustworthy. He never made me feel pressure and listened to my needs. I know Dean will be able to help me so I can move on with my life. I am very blessed to have his help and guidence ."

Jen H.

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