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No matter how much you owe the IRS, any amount is stressful. Think about the relief you’ll feel when your case is closed and the situation is resolved in your favor. I consistently get fair settlements from the IRS for taxpayers like yourself. On your behalf I’ll request more time to figure things out - my job is to make a confusing process easy for you to understand. Anytime something isn’t clear or you’d like further explanation of what’s going on - I’m here to answer your concerns and to help you evaluate your options moving forward.

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The Taxpayer Assessment above helps give me a good understanding of what is happening between you and the IRS or State. Every case is different-  and your honest answers will give me a better understanding of where you are - and where you’d like to be. I’ll make sure that I’m helping you decide the best, most affordable, path forward. 


When a taxpayer gets an IRS letter in the mail that is the start of a very scary relationship. You should remember when it happened to you. What did you do with the letter? Hide it? Ignore it? Contact the IRS yourself? By hiring me to represent you before the IRS, EVERYTHING changes. You’ll be sleeping better when you know I’m personally calling the IRS and getting everything figured out for you. Did you know the IRS has given me the ability to contact them directly, on your behalf, and to ask for every record they have in your file for the tax years in question? I can also negotiate directly with Collections, I can move your file to a more convenient IRS office. Instead of being afraid of what the IRS can do to you, I create space between your assets and their collection efforts. I’ll change the way you deal with the IRS.

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